Friday, July 15, 2016

Inventory Is Done

  • I am not missing in action (MIA).
  • I have just survived my first inventory at a large fabric store.
  • I spent more hours working than sleeping.
  • What I was told to do and what I was suppose to do were two different things.
  • I learned a lot and will be able to do it much better next year.
  • Even with some mistakes, we finished up in great time.
  • We can now get some sleep and become normal human beings again.
  • As we inventoried the store, the city started to demo the street our house is on.
  • They are widening it, repaving it, adding a sidewalk, and fixing sewer and water lines.
  • We live with this until fall.
  • Fall comes in October in our neck of the woods
Until the next time..........................

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