Sunday, December 30, 2018

Home From The Holidays

The weather is cool this morning after having a lovely 8C high yesterday. The weather was cool over Christmas and then it snowed hard on Dec. 28. Our trip home from the airport was 90+ minutes. It took son about 2 hours to come in to pick us up.

We had a great visit at Daughter's over the holidays. The temperatures were around freezing and it snowed on Boxing Day. A good 4" fell. It was nice when we left on the 28th but started to snow after that. They had a substantial snowfall in the area. 


I ironed a lot of fabric for Daughter and we estimate it was a good 70 meters. As I showed her fabric, she decided on what would go with it and I ironed and bagged 13 future shirts for her. That alone was a good 25 - 30 meters. That didn't include 3 shirts that were cut out and in bags already. 
I will start sewing on Jan. 1, 2019. I have January's items ready. They are the items cut out from October plus finishing my t-shirt. I have to order tracing paper before I can start a shirt. If possible, I would love to sew one shirt before the end of January. 


While at Daughter's I knit one messy bun hat. I have to cast on another one January 1 and get it knit. I also have to knit on my scarf. I think I have to do a test knit for a lady (private) this month. So January is a busy month.


Daughter-in-law and I are going grocery shopping today and then it will be a quiet evening. We are almost back to normal from our trip. We are out tomorrow night for a while so we need to rest and get caught up in our missed sleep. 
Until the next time.......................

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