Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Starting Christmas Sewing Soon

We are experiencing lovely fall weather. A bit of rain here and there with sunshine in between. Even the temperatures have been in the low teens Celsius.


Our street is basically finished. We love the new look now the landscaping is almost done. The turf is down and we now have to water it for the next two weeks. Pictures will come when I am home on Friday.
The store manager and I moved about 200 bolts of fleece trying to get that area organized. It is looking fabulous in all its organization. I also tidied up the tulle/organza area and the action wear. I have to say, my muscles were sore at the end of the day but I felt good.
This morning, I don't feel quite as good. My stomach is bothering me and I am worried that I have the flu or my body is getting ready for another large weight loss. I will survive this unnecessary feeling.
On my last day off, I decided that I will be purging again. We have just tossed stuff into corners this past year and it is time to get rid of the stuff and a bit more. I did our bedroom on Monday and took out a bag of trash from in there plus a few books for the thrift shop. I scrubbed and dusted the whole room and am happy with the results. Friday is the guest room and I may not finish it in one day. It is the mother of all catch-alls.


The doll pyjama set is done and at the store ready to go out on display.
I am now moving onto Christmas sewing and will do some tutorials for Christmas Once A Month. I have most of the fabric and hope to pick up a bit more today.


I finished a baby hat from Premiere Yarn's Fable series. I have to make a tassel for it, photograph it and put it in the store. It was a real easy knit. Next I pick up my crochet hook and start a Christmas present for Daughter-in-Law.


I work an 8 hour shift and know I will come home and be in bed early. I didn't sleep too well last night so will need to recharge my batteries tonight.
Until the next time........................................


  1. Love the pj's and housecoat! You are so talented! Am looking forward to a few tutorials. I have made a few of the things you've made tutorials on before and they turned out great! I am in the midst of Xmas knitting too, for my little granddaughters. Sweaters, but even tiny ones take time!!

  2. Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well; I hope you feel better after a good night's rest. Your sleepwear doll is beautiful, very inspirational. Take care of yourself.

  3. The sleepwear doll is so adorable, your good taste shows in the doll clothing you are making! Hope you get feeling better. I am loving your new landscaping, can't wait for a "done" photo!