Saturday, October 08, 2016

Finished Projects

Our weather is turning to rain for a few days. It is a part of fall that allows the land to head into winter with enough moisture for spring.


It was a busy day off yesterday. We had to head out early for appointments. The Spousal Unit for blood tests and ECG as he has surgery on Tuesday. I saw the dietician and got a good job report from her.
Our street was paved yesterday. It wasn't completed but what is done looks so nice. And no pot holes to dodge which will be nice.


I finished the top and took it in without taking pictures. Will try and remember to take one of it on the mannequin in the store.
The pattern is nice to sew even though I chose a very hard design to match.
When I was able to sew it up without issues, it went together quickly. I am thinking of buying the pattern again and making a larger size in another fabric to wear now.
One of the dolls got a matching top and a name tag and she is now in the store.

Now on to other sewing - grandson's quilt, doll clothes, and my next project.


I knit one of the dolls a pair of socks. They did turn out quite cute. I hope to knit a sweater out of the remaining yarn.
The heel is turned like real socks.

The socks don't match. I would have wasted a lot of yarn making them match. This yarn has a long repeat in it.
Next up is to wind the wool for our grandson's Edmonton Eskimo's socks. If there is wool left, the dolls get something out of it. I got my new double points to knit his sock with and look forward to starting them.


I work for the next three days. I may start the doll's sweater during this time or I may wind the wool and start Grandson's socks. Time will tell as I haven't made a decision yet.
Until the next time......................

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