Monday, October 24, 2016

Doll Pyjamas Completed

The weather the past few days has been nice and sunny. Yesterday was the warmest day causing people to be outside enjoying it.


The store has been busy and has taken up my time and energy most days. We have been going full speed ahead which is great. People are buying for Halloween costumes and Christmas sewing.
I am still loosing weight but more slowly now. Only .2 lb. this week. Though I am still eating properly 90% of the time, my body must be catching up to the weight loss. I am still walking lots and lifting lots of fabric bolts and rolls for my daily workout.


I finished the doll's pyjamas. The top was fun to do once I bought the lace and bias tape.
The lace is actually a trim and stretchy. I didn't pull on it when I sewed it to the front pieces and sleeves. The single fold bias tape was then sewn on, folded over and stitched in the ditch.
I will be using this trim and application again as it was so easy to do.
I have since made the other slipper and the outfit is really cute on the doll. The house coat fabric is a bit of a pain and I have to hand sew the hem on the sleeves. When putting the house coat on the doll, the serging threads pull off as the fabric is slippery. It will soon be in the store on display.
Last night was staff appreciation and we were able to shop with the doors locked. Once the staff was taken care of, management got to shop and cash out. I bought two lots of Christmas fabric for gifts. Plus a piece of Malden fleece for a coat for myself. This fleece had been on the shelf in hiding for 3 years. We found it on Saturday. Now I will be focussing on Christmas gifts.


I set the doll's scarf aside and am knitting a baby hat for the store. The left over yarn will be knit up after Christmas for the hospital.
I also bought yarn to crochet a top for Daughter-in-Law. She can wear it with pants and a long sleeve top during the winter. I am queuing up gifts for this Christmas and will have to knit/crochet most evenings.


I am off work for the day and we have to get our flu shots. It is going to be a cleaning day at our house.
Until the next time.....................

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