Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Halloween Sewing Done

We have had some good rainstorms since I last wrote. It isn't as bad as the coast had but it leaves us going into winter with our land in good shape for spring. The temperatures have been warm which is nice.


Life has been busy at our house. Between work and getting the Spousal Unit to his appointments, I have a bit of time to do other things.
The Spousal Unit had his first cataract removed yesterday. The surgery took 15 minutes and waiting took 1 hour and 45 minutes. He looked at a video about his surgery in that wait time. The surgeon is very efficient and owns the surgical center we went to. He did very well and was able to be out and about during the day.


I made Grandson his trick or treat bag. He wanted a big one for the haul even though he doesn't eat much of the candy due to his diabetes.
I bought the fabric shortly after we put it out in September. The lining is equally as cute with bats on a green background; Grandson's favourite colours.
I mailed off the bag, Halloween quilt and wall hanging. I have some Halloween fabric left to make them something else next year. When gone, I'm done with sewing Halloween.
I cut out the housecoat for a doll. The fleece is reversible so I am having to think through the making of this item. The edges will be serged rather than faced (too bulky). There are flannel pyjamas to go with the housecoat and I want to make slippers too.


I knit the hat for the doll and it was too small.
So, out came the next size larger needles and I am 13 rows from completion of a larger sized hat. Next is to make her an outfit to go with the socks, mitts, and hat.


I am home for the day. We have been to the eye doctor and got a good check up and groceries. I have one more trip out the door and then I can focus on sewing and laundry.
Until the next time..................

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