Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Doll Housecoat

Yesterday was a gorgeous sunny day with some clouds. We enjoyed the sunshine as we were out and about doing some things that needed doing.


The Spousal Unit saw the eye doctor early yesterday morning for a check up. All is going well he was told. He did see a change for the good in his vision during the day and by evening he was steadier on his feet. Everything is clearing up and he can see letters not blurs. He returns for another check up and the scheduling of his other eye in two weeks.
We looked at a new vehicle yesterday and are thinking about it. We also took ours in to have it looked at and it will be repaired next week. I will be driving a rental for three or four days.
The work on our street is coming to an end. The landscaping is being done now and a tree sat on the road at our house for several hours.
It is now planted. We chose this one as its branches spread rather than go upwards.


I made a housecoat for the doll. It is made from a reversible fleece that sheds like crazy. You shake the fabric after cutting it and there are bits of fuzz floating everywhere. It took a bit of thinking to get it so I didn't have to put in the shawl facing. It wouldn't have worked due to the bulk.
I serged the raw edges and it turned out fine. The yellow slipper is made from flannel. On the front of the slipper I want to put a round button for a decoration. There is a pair of pyjamas cut out also and I need to get some lace and bias tape to finish the top of the pyjamas.


The hat is done except for the strings on the ear flaps. I will do them shortly. It fits much better than the first one. I also started to knit a scarf. When done, the rest of the yarn will go into the trash. I am sure there won't be much left.
Once done, I have to wind yarn and start Grandson's socks. I have two pairs to knit for him and would love to have them done for Christmas. As the yarn is light coloured, I will have few problems knitting on them at night.
I also want to knit a scarf for Daughter-in-Law. I found a pattern I like. It won't be done for Christmas but I can give it for next year. I have to do a gauge swatch to make sure the yarn is the right weight.


I work for the next 5 days and it will be a busy one. I do want to try and finish the doll's pyjamas during that time but it remains to be seen. I do know I will knit during that time.
Until the next time..............................


  1. Anonymous10:47 AM

    You have a lot on your plate right now keep on ....kudos.

  2. The housecoat is adorable!