Saturday, October 15, 2016

Cut, Sew, Trash

We had a couple of days of cool weather and the storm that is hitting the west coast gave us warmer weather and moisture. Though not a lot of rain fell (.3") we had some wind and a high of 16C or 61F yesterday.


Things have been very  busy around here lately. The Spousal Unit had his surgery, got sick from something and felt rotten for a couple of days. He is feeling much better now. The tape on his back pulls which is the only pain he has had.
I worked on Wednesday and got home exhausted. Not sure if I had hit the end of the rope of doing everything or if I was fighting the flu or a cold. Thursday I did a few things and then rested. Yesterday I was able to do more.
The work on our street is coming to an end. I had to park on the street Wednesday night and on Thursday morning noticed a car parked very close to mine. So close he did damage.
The license plate holder is broke and the way he hit the license plate holder, he cracked the bumper on the driver's side and broke the clips that hold two pieces together at the driver's light. We are in the process of getting quotes so the guy's insurance will pay for it and a rental vehicle. Made my day, not. What was upsetting -- there were no other cars parked on that side of the street when he parked in front of me. The driver gave the Spousal Unit his information and left without a care in the world.
In my anger, I cleaned most of the house. With no more dust blowing from road construction, I wiped up all the dust I could find, swept floors, cleaned rooms, and mopped some floors. Even the front porch got swept and scrubbed. It helped to remove the anger with the cleaning.


I got a winter princess doll outfit cut out and the pattern was too big in my opinion.
I took the side seams in and then saw I made a mistake and threw it in the garbage can. I will try again later on when I am thinking straight. The fabrics I chose are hard to sew with so I have to rethink fabric choices. Ideas are starting to form.
I finished the binding on Grandson's quilt. It took me most of two evening to hand sew it down. But, they love it when I sent them pictures of it.  
The pattern is called Turning Twenty. The fabric was bought Nov. 3, 2014 and the quilt was made in no time flat. It sat waiting for me to find a long arm quilter. She now works at our store and did a lovely job of quilting it.
The back of the quilt is also quite charming. I used up all the left over pieces of fabric.
Next on the sewing list is a reusable shopping bag made out of Halloween fabric for Grandson's trick or treat bag. He doesn't eat a lot of the candy but enjoys going out to get it.


The doll's second mitten is finished and fits the doll to perfection.
I started an ear flap hat for her to wear. Here is what it is suppose to look like. Mine will not have the pattern as the yarn is variegated.
I am going to knit a scarf and then sew her some clothes. Probably grey leggings and jacket with a top of some sort. I will probably order some Ugg boots for her to wear.


I work today and tomorrow. I have Monday and Tuesday off as the Spousal Unit has cataract surgery on Monday and has to see the eye doctor on Tuesday. This is the surgery is so looking forward to.
Until the next time......................

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