Wednesday, October 05, 2016

End of the Stupid Sewer Story

The Stupid Sewer finally figured out why she was having problems with the top. She was angry that other staff bought the fabric and sewed it up prior to her project being done. She was also angry that she would be dressed like other staff. So, she took the situation into her hands and cut the top down to a size 14 to wear when she looses all her weight.
With that done, she happily sewed the top and it is turning out lovely. Just the sleeves to add and it will be put into the store. And, the pattern will be thrown out and a new one bought later on if it isn't discontinued. End of the Stupid Sewer story.
Grandson's Halloween quilt came back from the long arm quilter and I am so happy to see it quilted. I think I started it 2+ years ago. The binding will be sewn down by hand in the evenings after it is applied on Friday. Pictures will be taken once it is done. I have to say that I will be finishing up my quilting projects over the next year.
The doll sock is coming along. I did knit the last 5 rows on the leg last night. Next is the heel and soon it will be done. I do love knitting these little socks.
I work the next two days and think little will be done in the sewing room unless it is Friday afternoon (I leave work at 4:30 p.m.). I don't like sewing at nights now as the room is dark. I have a light on the sewing table but until the room is renovated I won't put in extra lights.
Until the next time.....................

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