Saturday, October 29, 2016

Life Is Crazy

Yesterday was a glorious sunny day with a high of 13C or 55F.


I haven't been missing in action, I have been busy with work. On my days off, I have been driving around town with the Spousal Unit. Soon, he will be able to start driving short distances.
The Spousal Unit got a phone call on Wednesday and, when I came home from work, was decidedly upset. He didn't understand why he had to go for blood work and then start the immune booster IV therapy again. By Thursday noon, he was satisfied as he was told you get 12 months of this therapy and no one had told him or set up his next 6 months. The cancer clinic spotted the error and corrected it quickly.
Son and family's house sale fell through last Friday and they accepted another offer on Thursday. They spent a lot of time out of the house during the week due to showings. Son flies out today to live in Nova Scotia and Daughter-in-Law and Grandson will spend the weekend with her parents. They have open house today and tomorrow. If all goes well this time, they will be together again on Nov. 30.
The guest room didn't get purged yesterday as planned. The morning was spent waiting for the Spousal Unit's turn for blood work and then shopping. I did get a few things organized during the afternoon. There is a lot of stuff to be organized in that room, bedding laundered, and paper work to organize.


Between the guest room, the sunshine, and the sewing room being heated up by the sunshine, I started to sew a book for the store. I had to take lots of breaks due to the warmth in the sewing room.

I sewed on snowflake buttons and used a layer of thin polyester batting (used for placemats) between the pages.
I have to put together two pages and then two more pages prior to sewing the book together. It will close with a button.
After I finish this, it is time to start Christmas sewing. I will be sewing like a crazy woman to get it all done.


I am crocheting Daughter-in-Law a cowl like top. I crochet tight and used a hook that was 3 sizes to big. The top was too big so I redid it using a smaller hook last night. I have 3 or 4 rows left to do on the body and then I do the cowl neckline. It is a quick project.
You increase 5 to 6 stitches every other row so it curves.
The body is folded in half and your arm goes through the smaller opening. The cowl is attached to the top. The yarn is huge and a soft acrylic. It should keep her warm during the winter in a stylish way. I may make myself one also.


I work today and am on the start of 5 days in a row. Sewing won't happen but knitting will. Grandson's socks need to be cast on and made. Evenings will be busy knitting up a storm.
Until the next time..............................

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