Monday, October 10, 2016

A Mitt That Fits

It was cooler yesterday with a high of 10C or 50F. This morning it is 5C or 41F. We are now into fall weather with tomorrow calling for frost.


I worked yesterday and was busy all day. But, it was a great day with everyone wishing customers "Happy Thanksgiving" and lots of smiles everywhere.
The Spousal Unit went out with friends to see their son play rep hockey and enjoyed himself immensely. He visited with friends he hadn't seen for several years. He was driven both ways by our lovely friend and he gave them more vegetables for their Thanksgiving dinner. He is feeling so much better from getting out of the house.
I weighed myself today and am down 39.4 pounds. The weight and I still parting company due to eating healthy and being active. I do feel so much better and my health issues are diminishing. One of my goals is to go off blood pressure medication.


I am trying to lay out a pattern for another doll's costume. I have exactly one piece laid out on the organza. I really want to make it and sew a few other things over the next week to 10 days.
I am still thinking about my wardrobe but haven't decided on what to make for "now" due to loosing weight. But, I am thinking of when the loss slows down. I am getting close to being at Starting From Scratch with my wardrobe and it showed up on the Vivienne Files. I was so happy that my mind went crazy. Here is what my mind thought up quickly:
  • Navy pants in Ponti di Roma (make them slim fitting)
  • Navy t-shirt (have in stash)
  • Navy jeans (with bling on them)
  • Navy jacket from a sweater knit
  • Light blue shirt
No patterns have been chosen just thoughts rolling through my head.


I knit another mitten last night on a size larger needle and it fits the doll perfectly.
I have the thumb left to knit and I will be ready to start the second mitten.
These mittens match the socks I knit.
I am thinking black leggings and jacket, a top, and a hat. I'll have to buy some shoes for her to wear. Hiking boots or the doll version of Uggs.


I work a full 8 hour shift so will have 3 hours to myself in the store to do some things I need to finish up. I would like to knit the thumb on the mitts tonight.
Until the next time......................

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