Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Tiny MItten Competed

Yesterday was a cool day with a biting wind that made you shiver. I think it was the first day having that wind that made you think winter. This morning is cool with it being 2C or 35F at 7 a.m.


We had a lovely turkey dinner last night that the Spousal Unit cooked. He baked a stuffed turkey breast roll with potatoes and carrots. We had fresh fruit for desert. It was a lovely dinner and I was thankful he made it for us.
We talked to Son and family last night. They had snow yesterday for their drive home from Lloydminster. They arrived home only to have to go out to the mall as their house was being shown. They have an offer on it after 5 days on the market. The conditions have to be removed by Nov. 4 and if that is done, they move on Nov. 16. Very quick. The real estate agent is still showing the house in case this offer falls through.
The Spousal Unit has surgery today to remove cancer cells from a brown spot on his back. He is fasting and feeling cranky. Don't blame him for a minute.


I finished the mitten last night. Though only 10 stitches, the thumb wasn't as hard to knit as I thought.

They look a bit big and chunky on the next size needles, they fit the doll perfectly. I need to finish the other one over the next couple of nights.


I am off work to take the Spousal Unit to and from the hospital from his surgery. I will do a bit of laundry and some cleaning today. I doubt if I will sew anything.
Until the next time.............................

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