Monday, August 06, 2018

Exploring Cheverie, NS

Yesterday's weather was lovely. It rained until noon leaving us with 1.5" of rain fallen in less than 24 hours. The temperature only rose to 25C and it was lovely. The temperature at 6 a.m. this morning was 15C. But, it is clear and will be a hot one today.


What was going to happen yesterday evolved over time. The antique tractor pulls were cancelled due to the wet weather. The men saw there were only 3 tractors left at the fair grounds. 
Daughter-in-law and I learned how to take the meat out of lobsters. We learned a lot and had a good time doing it together. Lobster mac and cheese for me tonight.
Just before noon, we decided to drive over to Truro after lunch. There are three routes to Truro from Windsor and we chose the route going along the Minas Basin. 
Our first stop was at Cheverie. There is a pull out by the ocean which we love to look at. 
The tide was at its lowest - a little over 7 meters.

We walked along the ocean bottom looking at shells and coal. This is the first time on an ocean floor with shells in abundance. 
After a good exploring session and climbing up and down the rocks we left for Truro. The closer we got to Truro, the more agriculture there is. We saw a field of about 50 acres in carrots. Another first for us to see. We arrived in Truro and headed out towards New Brunswick to see the Masstown Market. It is indoors and nice. Not overly unique but people go there to do their shopping in the many departments. On the grounds is a fish market in a lighthouse building. It was interesting as they had live lobsters and a variety of fish items to eat and cook with. Upstairs is a tank with a blue lobster in it. Blue lobsters are rare but the most rare are white. 
Dinner was at Murphy's Fish and Chips which is famous for its fish and chips. It was busy and only got busier as the time went on. Great food. 
On the way home we stopped at Walter's Lighthouse. This lighthouse was decommissioned in 1972. It is in a lovely location. 
We walked the trail to the look off and on the way back saw strawberry, raspberry and blackberry bushes. The Acadians lived here as Cheverie is French. 
We also stopped at the same area to see it in high tide (72 meters) and there was a strip of land we could walk on. There we saw crab and more shells. 
A small collection came home with me to look at for a while. 
The sunset was beautiful. 

And the sound of the waves crashing onto the sand was lovely to listen to. In all it was a wonderful day. 

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