Thursday, June 01, 2017

Wandering Thoughts

We are having some nice weather with temperatures sitting at nearly 90F. Summer is on its way it seems.


I noticed on my way to and from work that the river is over its banks in some spots and moving into the surrounding low areas. The forecasters say the river could be as high as it was in 2012. Those forecasters also said the snow pack was lower than normal this winter until the first hot weather hit us and then they changed their song.
At work, I am busy cutting coloured tags, putting coding numbers on them, and attaching them to bolts of fabric. I have the interfacing (staff did the tagging but I did organizing), the flannel, and two groups of the tulle and netting done. I'll pause tonight and do the pink slips and put them into bags ready for when we condense the store for inventory. I set a goal for each day and try to get most, if not all, done. So far the plan I have in my head is working.
I am doing well with my eating plan and using up my WW points each day. As I put the weight on fast, it is coming off fast with an almost 5 pounds lost so far this week. It will slow down though. I am between 8500 and 9500 steps per day and I am happy with that.
I will do the next step in the Bullet Journal tomorrow. I set it aside to finish the bridal gown as I needed to get it done. I have looked at a couple of ideas for the Journal after I do the key.


I bought the Craftsy class on making doll clothes with Joan Hinds. I started watching it and decided I need to find the good paper towels that are hiding in the house. I didn't locate them so will have to continue my search before I move on. I really want to figure out the bodice for the dolls I have so I can have them fitting closer to their body. I want to start with the dress I am making next.
I am hoping to finish the doll's dress and purse/bag next week and then I am going to sew up some other items until October (unless push comes to shove for another project for the dolls which I am sure it will). Some will be quick Christmas gifts but I am hoping to make a couple of tops for me. Simple ones to wear to work.


I am working late tonight and have tomorrow off. I have to set goals for a tired person tomorrow as I will want to joing Elliott in sleeping the day away.
Until the next time.....................

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