Monday, June 26, 2017

Missing Bag Instructions - Not in the Book

We had a cloudy and very warm day yesterday. Even with the cloud coverage, it got to 36C or 97F. The a/c was running at 4 a.m. this morning as it is still warm outside. The a/c is off but will be on again soon.


We got the boards up for the door track and it is held up with 6 screws. It got too hot to do any more than that. Today is a no go as it is too warm to be out there even if it is cloudy.
It will be another inside day and maybe tomorrow, the Spousal Unit can finish up the door track and I can help him Wednesday morning I can help with the metal track prior to going to work.


The reversible bucket bag that I am making from the Bag Making Bible got the handles put on and then ripped off and put on again my way. I read and reread the instructions and they are missing the handles (straps). I did a search and found that someone else made the same comment. And, I found the pattern free.
In the end, I sewed the two long strips together with a 3/8" seam, pressed it back into a 1" bias strip. The seams I pinned at the side seams and sewed them to the bag stopping where the bag ended. I have the edges turned to the wrong side ready to hand stitch, then top stitch so the handles are sewn closed. By the time I got ready to hand stitch I was upset and decided the book can go to the thrift shop.
I have calmed down some this morning but am not happy with the book. I moved on and will talk about the bag after I finish it. I decided that I needed to find a bag pattern big enough for me to carry when we head to Nova Scotia in the fall. My journey began with a Google search on the book I am using. I looked at about 30 patterns and then I somehow scored on this bag in Pintrest.
I found the free pattern advertising here and then the full tutorial here. I had to read all the comments and that lead me to a person who customized the bag. I was on a roll. And really excited when I read her blog post.
Part One
Part Two 
The fabric is on the table and ready to go. Then, I read this wonderful blogger did a bag organizer. You can pick up the pdf on Craftsy. I can see this carrying both our iPads and other items from my purse.
I would love to start this towards the end of July and migrate it to August. I will add it to the bottom of my project sheet. I do have to get some black piping, a black zipper, some grommets or ?, and a bag latch.

Bullet Journal

I have to work on July 1/2 and the following week. I am struggling with July 1/2 as it is only two days and I work both of them. Maybe I need to find some stickers and fill up the page with that.


I am off work and need to shop, do a load of laundry, wash some floors and finish the bag.
Until the next time................................

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