Thursday, June 22, 2017

Bullet Journal - Setting Goals

The goals page supplies are three  items:
  • 05 micron pen (black)
  • Paper Mate Ink Joy pen 0.7 in blue
  • Highlighter in blue
I chose to keep this page simple as it is my goals and I want to read them easily.
At the top of the page, I wrote goals in capital letters, boxed it, shadow boxed it and coloured the shadow box in the same colour as the printing.
You can see I added stars to the oops I had. That is part of life that I needed to fix up.
The goals part of the page is set up was difficult to choose. People had two columns and the goals were listed for themselves and family. I finally found a couple that went into goals, outcomes and action plans and made my decision. I wrote each goal out on post it notes and then did bullet journal.
Goals are not that hard to do. You decide on what your goal is. Is it attainable? Is it a short or long term goal? You need to decide that for yourself. My goal of loosing weight is long term. It will happen later rather than sooner for very specific reasons. I keep plugging away at - one step forward, two steps back it seems.
Next you decide your purpose. Why or what is your purpose for having that goal? One of my goals is to have a small or non-existent stash of fabric and yarn. Why or what is my purpose of that goal? To plan one project at a time rather than have many ideas rolling in my head and not getting to them in a timely fashion.
Lastly you plan on your action plan which is what do I need to do. For my stash it is to sew and not buy though I am allowed to buy some fabric and notions to finish projects or to try a new project that I can do immediately. Am I going on a fabric fast? Not really. But I want to sew more meters than I buy. I really want 3 pieces of fabric for doll clothes and yes, I will buy them. I haven't seen any other fabric I want. So, I will buy those 3 pieces and not buy anything else at the moment except for those notions I will need for project I have queued.
I didn't finish my goals page as there could be more to add to the list. And, yes, retire is on the list with set a date. My purpose changes daily and right now all is private in that domain.
 Next up will be a simple monthly log. Mine will be real simple and will include my goals, what I want to sew, blogging and weight loss.

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