Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Few Thoughts

We had it warm yesterday ~ 33.3C or 92F. It is suppose to be warmer today. The humidity dropped to 14% which is nice. Today is suppose to be warmer with a high of 36C or 97F. Not as hot as some areas but warm for us.


We have almost finished coding all the fabrics. I am hoping I can do the last check on Tuesday and then add density numbers on signs and pink slips to some areas and drop fabrics flat on the tables. We have condensed as much as we can and are busy trying to keep the fabrics in their correct spots. At times we look like we are lost trying to locate where a bolt of fabric goes. We laugh a lot about it.
The Spousal Unit is trying to get the doors replaced on the large shed and today I have to help him with two boards. That has to be done soon due to the heat.


My goal is to finish the bag I have been sewing on. To keep life exciting, I did the same mistake to the lining as I did to the outer bag. Both are fixed and the first two pieces of bias trim are on the top. Top stitching and onto the handles.
Once done, I will be sewing up the fabric pile on the cutting table. I am looking forward to doing simple items for a couple of months. Most will be gifts to family. There is a couple of doll's dress planned also.

Bullet Journal

I need to do July 1 and 2 in the bullet journal and then plan out the next week. I have ideas in my head and need to choose one. Once I get started, I will do them up quickly.


I am off work for 2 days and have to do some house work and sewing. Looking forward to having the time off before we head into the final stages of inventory.
Until the next time.............................

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