Saturday, June 17, 2017

Rambling Thoughts

After a late night at work, rain, wind, and thunder, we start today with sunshine. And a sort of tired lady. She will survive and hopes the weather will be nicer today. 

Bullet Journal

I spent some time working on the next page. It is on post it notes and a sheet of paper I found here. I don't find wording goals hard or to make them accomplishable. We had to do that in teaching. Thinking of goals is harder. But I did get some down and most are personal. My goals consist of 

  • Loosing weight
  • Reducing the stash to a small pile or to nothing
  • Blog more consistently
  • Retire -- what will that look like
  • Take part in craft bazaars/farmer's markets and sell doll clothes and jewelry.
Now I just have to set up the page and blog about it. 


With the sewing room in the basement living room, I started a new bag. The bag has two pieces; the body and the bottom. But you cut those pieces from the outer fabric, the lining, interfacing and craft fleece. Then you cut bias binding to trim the bag's top edge and make the handles. 
I have the bag pieces traced and laid out on the outer fabric. I have to cut a second bag body out of that fabric. I did cut the bias binding, sewed it together, and am pressing it according to the directions. I need to read the directions again as I am a bit confused. Pictures will come when I get the binding figured out. Here is the fabric. 
The bottom two pieces are the outer and lining fabrics. The top piece is the bias binding. I would love to make the dolls something from the scraps otherwise they go to the trash bin. No keeping what I can't use. 
The bag I am making is the funky one on the cover of this book. 


I am working doing books and more inventory when I am not helping customers. I will be retiring to bed early tonight as I will be tired when I get home from work. 

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