Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Design Feature

Yesterday's weather was cloudy and warm. The high was 25C or 77F but it was humid. It felt like it could rain but it didn't. Today will be a repeat of yesterday though we could see more sun.


I had yesterday off work and I was tired. It could have been the humidity but it could be the fact I am still catching up from working late on Friday night. I hate working late nights. I never seem to catch up on my sleep.
I have been mulling over the craft bazaar/farmer's market thing for 48 hours now and am a bit confused if I want to do it or if I want to go another route. Will it be online with doll clothes or ?? I know there are a lot of craft bazaars in our area in October to December. I'll have to think about it so I can do my goals for the Bullet Journal.


I worked carefully and diligently on the handbag yesterday and when I finished the part I was doing, I had a whoops. I had put in the oval base and had the side seams in the center front and back. As the top of the bag is the same no matter what, I dug out the bias tape makers, cut some bias tape, ironed it with fusible tape on it and covered the seams. Now I have something added onto the handbag while hiding the seam.  
I'll do the lining correctly and will make a note in the book about this design feature so I won't do it again.
I went out to look in two stores in our area. One was a wool shop and I lasted 10 minutes in there. The lady has very little stock in more square footage than her previous store. I look at her store as a huge studio for her to do her knitting in. I walked out without her saying a word to me.
The other shop is a quilting store and the ladies were so kind and helpful. I bought four pieces of fabric; half for the doll and half for a couple of zippered bags.
The main piece was this lovely print and it screamed doll dress and the main part of the zippered bag.
Next I added this for the top of the bag. It will be part of another outfit for the dolls.
I added this for the inside of the bag and for another piece for the dolls.
And this finished  up the selection. The bag is one they had on display and very cute.
The doll's outfit is Cute Cotton Candy.

I am leaning towards the top and capris and making them out of two different combinations of the pink and a golden yellow.


I am back to work for two days and then off for a day. Back to doing inventory which I need to have fashion done in 6 days. Yes, we can do it.
Until the next time...............................

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