Friday, June 09, 2017

July 1st Red and White Dress

Yesterday weather was unusual. It was cloudy and warm then windy and cooler. There was a thunderstorm at the airport which is 7 km west of us. The high temperature was 27C or 81F.


Many hours were spent cleaning the bedroom end of the house. Laundry was done and I finished up around 3 p.m. It was a big job that needed to be done. The house was warm and the humidity was high so the Spousal Unit closed the air vents in the basement. The cold air cooled the upstairs down quickly after that.
The Spousal Unit boxed up all 20 dozen canning jars in his shed and I can list them for sale. I won't be canning again as we don't have the space to grow the fruit and vegetables like we did in Ashcroft.


After watching Joan Hind's course on making doll clothes, I decided that I would make the back of the Canada Day's dress 3/8" narrower. That is what the sloper indicated.
I followed the ideas Joan Hind showed on the top; clipping the seams, pressing well and sewing up the side seams so no seams show. I am impressed with the results.
The fit is much better than the previous dresses.

I spent the evening finishing it up with no issues what so ever. One easy dress to make.
Next on the table is a purse in red and white. Something a bit different.

Bullet Journal

Sorry it is taking me so long to do the bullet journal. I am having issues with my computer and need to transfer all my information over to my Mac. Right now I am fighting to get a blog post done let alone search for information. The internet freezes on me and I have to reboot my computer. Grrrr........


I need to grocery shop, clean up the living room/kitchen and finish the dress. I work Saturday and we hope to visit friends on Sunday.
Until the next time...........................

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  1. Ann, where do you buy your dolls? What happens to your dolls when you take them to the store? Are they sold? I haven't counted how many you've clothed, but there certainly has been a lot of them.