Monday, June 19, 2017

More Rambling Thoughts

It was a slow day at the store yesterday. I guess father's want to do other things on their day of the year and it isn't shopping. The parking lot of the strip mall was about 25% filled all day.
I had the honour of cutting 14 meters of fabric for a teacher as her class made a yurt and needs to cover the inside with the fabric. Just imagine all the skills and learning those students got while making the yurt.
I had set my goals to sell doll clothes at a farmer's market but that isn't going to happen. A customer told me it won't work and to stick with craft bazaars. She was very kind and explained the whys which I needed to know.
If all goes well, I hope to hit the craft bazaars in late fall of 18. That isn't cast in stone as there could be bumps in the road, detours along the way, and unforeseen activities in our journey.
As I am off work today, I need to shop, get medications, clean house/laundry, and, hopefully a bit of sewing.
Until the next time........................

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