Saturday, June 24, 2017

Bullet Journal - Monthly Log completed

Once I watched a couple more videos, I was able to finish most of my monthly log. 
I finished the second page of the spread by adding a To Do list and below it, I divided the Sewing into two parts so I can include blogging.
On the calendar of the previous page, I added in some dates and put a strip of Washi tape down the edge so I can find it easily. I also added a tab with July on it.
The next two pages (called a spread) have pages taped on them. I got them from the blog called The Fold Line.
The above page allows you to cover several months of planning but I am going to use it for one month only and maybe add a few ideas for the following month. I don't think I'll plan that far ahead. My goal is to use up my stash and this will allow me to see my progress on my projects. I may even add the total yardage used.
This page allows me to plan my blogging. I can start a blog and put it into a draft or schedule it to show up on my blog down at a later date. Again, it is only for one month with and idea or two added for the next month.
I also added a little graph for weight loss. If I want to add a graph for eating properly at breakfast, lunch and dinner, I can or I do what ever I want, such as sewing ideas for the future (Christmas gifts pop into mind). If nothing happens, I will add stickers to fill the space.
Next is our weekly planner and I have done some research on Dutch doors. I need to think about what I have seen and design what I want. Soon, I will be starting to fill in those pages as July is coming faster than I thought.

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