Friday, June 23, 2017

Bullet Journal - Monthly Log

With July rapidly approaching, I decided to set up the monthly log. I watched a lot of videos, looked at pintrest. All I can say is wow! what a lot of creativity and ideas. I decided that I would be doing one layout and if it doesn't work, then I can change it for August.
This month's log is fairly simple. The first page is done and I have at least one to two more pages to go before I start the weekly log.
 I made July's calendar at the top of the page. I did it in pencil first and have since erased the pencil marks away. This allows me to track my days off, when family visits, birthdays, and anything else I want to see at a glance. I will put both Dave's and my appointments on it.
Below the calendar, I added a strip of Washi tape. It is just to divide the page into two parts and it looks nice. I may do a strip of Washi tape down the side as it is an important page to flip to. I will also add a tab to this page.
Next I added Thankful Thoughts. This allows me to record things we did, projects completed, and anything else I am thankful for.
On the next page I will be having two columns; a To Do List for the month and Sewing Projects/blogging. I am thinking about how they will look -- vertical or horizontal. Then I have to pen out the goals in each area. It has to be realistic and attainable.
On the next two pages, I will have be using two sewing planners (sewing projects and blogging) and a small weight loss chart. That will be the extent of my monthly planner.
I will do these pages on Sunday as I have to write out my to do list, projects and design the next spread. After that I will do the weekly log and I have a design feature I want to try; Dutch doors.

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