Saturday, June 03, 2017

Craftsy Courses

Yesterday was a day that reads like:
I did the shopping and slept for three hours in the afternoon. A child would add The End.
After leaving work at 9:30 p.m. after correcting a mistake from cash, I got home at 10:00 p.m. and to bed about 10:30 pm. It was a late night for me and I didn't sleep well. Hence the three hour nap on my day off. And no Bullet Journal entry. I was classified as non-functional all day.
While awake, I watched Joan Hawkins Craftsy course called Zip it Up. You make three bags with the focus on zippers. The Bendy bag has left over triangles and you can use them up to make a cute bag called Bendy Bits.
I have lots of fabric hanging around so I am going to be making some of these bags for gifts. My trial bags will be made out of these fabrics.
The frog fabric will probably have a red zipper or a lime green one and the peacock fabric will have a royal blue zipper.
These pieces jumped into the pile and could have a turquoise blue zipper. I will take them into the store when I have done the red and white sewing. Once I have the trial run done, I will start on the ones I want to make for gifts. When I get these out of my system, I will take her other class on bags with zippers in it. I am sure it will be just as interesting.
I also started to watch the doll sewing course from Craftsy. I found some of the paper towels I wanted and made a bodice sloper for the dolls and will have to cut out a muslin to make sure I have it the way I want it to look on the doll. I am now watching how to make a bodice and when done I will sing a tune about that. So far so good and that makes me happy.
I work for the next 5 days and may or may not get a lot done. I have taken some items downstairs so I can move my sewing down to the basement for the summer. I may continue moving items to the basement if I am not too tired. If not, I will do nothing.
Until the next time............................

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