Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sorting The Stash Begun

We have had some mild weather and there has been sunshine. This morning the temperature is 0C or 32F. The temperature is to hover between -3C and 3C. Not bad for the end of January.


Yesterday was Dirty Day #1 for the kitchen and living room. Adam sanded the floor in preparation for the tile and there is grey dust (cement) on everything. I wiped up a lot of it but won't finish until the tile is down. Abe is mudding the living room and has the first coat on. Now comes the sanding.
The doors are on the new kitchen cabinets but the drawer and sink faces needed to be redone. They didn't match the other drawers. A lot of little things were done (thermostat screwed onto the wall for example) that I can't keep up with. Still a fair amount to do though.
The Spousal Unit had a visitor yesterday and will have one every Monday. I use to do reading with their daughter when in Ashcroft. She comes in every Monday now for help and Dad will visit while waiting for her. The Spousal Unit so enjoyed it and was in great form when I got home last night.


I spent 90 minutes in the mess before going to work. It was almost too confusing to start so I put away the embroidery thread I had used on the quilt block. Then I handled some fabric for the guest room. It will be a bed runner and pillow cases. I also added some yellow flannel to make more pillow cases if there is enough. If not, it will go into the doll's fabric.  
Next I found the fabric for two infinity scarves. One for me, one for Daughter-in-Law (of which needs the second colour to go with it). There is fabric for another scarf which may end up being an infinity scarf though I am leaning towards a square. I could have an infinity scarf making day which just might happen on these next days off.
The doll's stuff got looked at next. I am sorting patterns into keep and donate. It will take me some time as I have the patterns in a couple of places and want to file them in their own filing system. I also started on the fabric that was near the ironing board. I got some done prior to leaving for work. A bit hit the trash, some to the thrift shop, and the rest is keep. There is a lot of flannel for pyjamas and I will have to buy the lace trim for them while it is on sale.
I walked out of the room feeling quite happy with what I had accomplished.


The second sock is set up and two rows successfully knit. I'm not pushing it too hard as I don't want mistakes.


I work until 6:15 and it leaves no time to do much in the evening. I am doing it 4 days (Sunday to Wednesday) this week and knew what I was taking on. I am also tired as our orders arrived and I am hustling to get it out on the floor. I will be doing that again today.
Until the next time.................................

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  1. Good Jon, Ann, you are amazing. It befuddles me, though, the thought of you selling your house so soon after you bought. Maybe you're different than me, but the energy you expended on the house you sold and now this one, goes beyond my imagination. Even at my age (70), I am in a nesting (thought purging like crazy) stage.