Friday, January 20, 2017

Getting My Thoughts Together

We had a warm day yesterday with a high of 7.2C or 45F. The sun shone and it looked very nice outside. We have a few days of cloudy weather now but the temperatures will be warm.


The house has been quiet. Our friends who are doing the renovations are ill with colds and the flu (like me). One was back to paint and get the plastic down on the living room floor. The son stopped in with mom on Wednesday and they looked around.  
The Spousal Unit has been removing the hardwood floor where the kitchen tile will go and he got it done. Adam has to do the last board prior to them taking up the subfloor on the other part of the kitchen.  We cleaned up the living room, I washed the floors and we laid plastic in preparation for work to begin in there. I did snap about the mess on Tuesday but it didn't help at all; I continued to feel stressed. I know it happens but I hate the mess.
On an upbeat note, the kitchen cabinet doors we need are done and will be ready to pick up on Monday. That is wonderful.


I worked on the quilt block for an hour and finished the trees and the Great Lake/St. Lawrence River. I just need to do the lighthouse. I didn't add the parliament buildings which are in Ontario as there is a block dedicated to that building.
With Stitcher's Guild down, I have been looking at some of the topics on Pattern Review. I will be joining in some of their discussions and will probably continue after Stitcher's Guild comes back online.
As of yesterday, my sewing room became the tool shop for the renovations. There is enough room for me to get in to
  • put some fabric away
  • attend to the Wi-Fi if it goes down.
I looked at the sewing stuff in the basement and thought about ditching it all into a box and sending it to the thrift shop. That lasted one whole day. It felt good but not good enough to follow through. But, it has made me realize that I need to have less than what I do have. What I keep has to be well organized and sewn up with very few purchases made during the year. I am fine with that.
The other thing I would like to do is keep track of what I am making/going to make and what I need to purchase in a book. I would like to see if it keeps me on track. I can't say I won't buy anything as I do know I need craft weight interfacing for reusable shopping bags, thread, buttons, and trim. What I want to do is write a list of what I need, how much, and buy only that. I will keep you posted.


I haven't done any since I took the second sock of the needles. I am missing my table light so I can see the stitches. Or maybe I have been sick enough, I just can't knit at night. That could be the problem also.


I am off work. I see the dietician and do the things as I start 5 days tomorrow.
Until the next time...................................

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