Friday, January 06, 2017

It was warmer yesterday with a high of -11C or 12F. It felt good to have it warmer than it has been for the past while.


When we got home from shopping yesterday, the young fellow Adam, our renovator, was busy doing plumbing for the kitchen sink. The lovely sink is sitting on two 2 x 6" boards and waiting for the counter top to arrive next week.
The plumbing is complete and ready to go. The other thing that happened was pulling up the linoleum flooring. It was just as we had expected.....hardwood under part of it. It tells us how small our kitchen use to be when it the house was built in 1965.
The new tile flooring will go along the straight part of the flooring and over to the wall. We will loose the hardwood flooring in front of the dishwasher and small fridge. We are okay with that.
While there was noise under the sink, Elliott slept in our bed. As soon as it was quieter, he arrived downstairs to soak up the warmth from the fireplace.


I finished the doll jeans and I do like them a lot. They were too big so I had to take in the side seams to get them to fit properly. It is a good thing I put them around the doll when I discovered the waistband was too small. I need to find a button for the waistband so it looks like they have a proper waistband that could close.
I will be doing another lobster bib next as this will help me use up the lobster fabric. I am altering between the Doll SWAP and lobster sewing to keep it fun.


Sixty rows are knit and I need to cast on the second sock.


I work the early shift and will have to deal with whatever when I get home. Maybe nothing as Adam, our carpenter only can load garbage today as he gets his children for the day.
Until the next time............................

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