Saturday, January 28, 2017

Doll Stash is Sorted and Stored

Wednesday was grey in the morning when I left for work and dark when I arrived home. It was exactly how I felt all day long. On Thursday and Friday there was sunshine and, though I am tired, I felt somewhat better.


The guys arrived to work on the house and the living room looks like it has a disease. The walls have huge mud patches on them. The previous paint job was horrid as they didn't use a lintless roller and used cheap paint. The walls are ready to paint though they will be covered in plastic so the ceiling can be painted first.
The kitchen floor tiles are done. When I got home Wednesday, Chinese food was on the table, the stove, beverage fridge, and dishwasher in the dining room.
Yesterday, the stove was put back into place after I scrubbed the opening and the stove.
The other end of the kitchen is still a disaster and leaves me stressed out.
It will be nice to have the house done in two to three weeks. There is dust everywhere and I need to scrub the upstairs once again after the mudding is done. Hopefully mid February when I have three days off. Even the Spousal Unit is ready to have the house back.
Though we will get an evaluation done, we may not sell it right away and enjoy it. The only reason we'd sell is if we get more than we want and can get something that needs little to no renovations. At this point, I doubt if we will even rent the basement suite out and have our home to ourselves. I have a plan evolving in my head.


I spent some time and finished sorting and organizing the doll's stash. It is now in the sewing room closet.
I have this much flannel and light weight fleece to make pyjamas and house coats for the dolls.
I'll spend some quality time sewing it up in the near future. I am hoping that I have enough lace to do this lot of pyjamas. The doll patterns are in one spot ready to be filed. It will be easy to do as I have the file folders.  Next on the list is to sort the garment fabric and my patterns.
I set up my cutting table and traced and cut out 2 pairs of pyjama bottoms for grandson. I started tracing the coat pattern for the store project. Though I only got 2 pieces traced, I can now do the rest of the pattern pieces over the next week. I do love having the cutting table set up.
By the time I finish tracing the coat pieces, I will have run out of what I use and will be looking at buying something new. I am thinking Swedish tracing paper from Amazon.

Time to review my goals:
    • Cut out the second pair of doll jeans
    • Work on my quilt block for the store
    • Trace a coat pattern to cut out my February sewing  project/challenge to be hung in the store in mid March. Started and hopefully worked on this week. 
    • Sort through the cottons and put together like projects for sewing
    • Work on the lobster fabric items. I may focus on cutting out all the pieces and sew them up rather than do one item at a time. The bibs all have the vinyl ironed onto them and are ready to be cut out.
    • Trace and cut out Grandson's pyjamas.
    What I have done that is not on the list:
    • Sorted the doll's stash and put it away.
    • Put the doll clothes patterns together ready to file in their file folders.
    • Made an infinity scarf using up .5 meter of fabric and .5 meter of lace in the stash. I had to buy .5 meter of fabric and 2 meters of lace (used .5 meter for the scarf and rest is in the doll's stash. Cost for 2 meters of lace was $.99).
    • Piled up the doll's pyjama and house coat fabric ready to cut and sew. I may do a pair when I sew Grandson's pyjamas.
    I sent 2 bags of trash out of the sewing room from the stash and sewing and put 3 meters of fabric in the box for the thrift shop. 


    I haven't knit a stitch since Wednesday morning. I have read and slept in the evenings.


    I work the early shift and I would love to trace at least one pattern piece when I get home.
    Until the next time.............................

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