Thursday, January 05, 2017

On Line Again

Though it is clear outside, it is warming up. It is -14C or 7F this morning but it was colder than that a couple of days ago.


We have internet and TV again. I had wires plugged in wrong as I was following cord colours. As we have had trouble with our internet and TV going off while set up prior to renovating, the guy changed our boxes. Instead of three boxes, we now have one. So much easier to handle.
Renovations began yesterday. It was a stressful time for me even though I knew we were going to do it.
We went from this sink placement to this set up.
The stress was from worrying if it would all fit along that wall. It did fit with 1.5" to spare. The next stress was about a cabinet above the small fridge. We talked about it for quite a while and it is doable. We have to order in 4 doors and a drawer front to match the other cabinets.
Next on the list was to talk about the crown moulding on the top of the cabinets.
It is coming off and a flat board is going up (valance like under the cabinets to hide the lights). It will match the trim around the windows in the house. That was a stressful discussion as we all had to get our point of view across.
In the end Elliott approved as he liked looking down the holes. Crazy cat.
In the midst of all this discussion, the Spousal Unit announced we will probably put the house up for sale in the spring (what I had said early in December).


Sewing is coming along. I have three bibs done but no pictures other than the one with the vinyl on the fabric and the single fold bias tape sewn on.  
I do run the fireplace when sewing in the basement to keep warm.
The doll jeans are cut out and the back pockets put on then removed and redone. Picture of first pocket put on before taking them off.
The dolls love the bling on the pockets. Since then, the front pockets have been added and the center front seam sewn and the faux zipper line sewn down. Hard to see when it is in navy blue thread.


The cowls for the dolls are done.
The socks are progressing and 50 rounds are done. Ten more rounds and I start the leg of the second sock.


We have been shopping and now it is time to do some housework and sewing. I am back to work tomorrow.
Until the next time..........................

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  1. From one who hates to move, I find it interesting that you two buy a house, renovate, and then move and start all over again. ;)