Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Some New Counter Tops

We have had our fair share of snow the past few days. There was about 4" fall in the first go round and a small amount yesterday that seem to go somewhere else with the wind. It piled up on vehicles. Today we are suppose to see the sunshine. Yes!! And colder weather. No!!


I have been working for the past 4 days and have been busy. I did two orders and faxed off 4 from the notions department. I am now doing the iPad order. The store is clean and tidy as it has been slow with all the ugly weather we had for the past two days. Everyone has been staying at home and I don't blame them.
The house renovations are slow due to illness. But, the two small counter tops are installed. The long one is here waiting for its turn to be installed.
Taking out the black counter top and installing a light one brightened up the kitchen. I was amazed at the transformation. Once the job was done, Adam left as he wasn't feeling well. He won't be here today but his dad will be to paint or prep for paint. There are three closets and the front entry to do before the living room and kitchen can be tackled.


I looked at my sewing stuff, shuttered and walked away. I won't be tackling it today unless I get the guest room stuff sorted quicker than I think. If I do, it will be the cottons that I will focus my mind on.
My goal for the next bit is to:
  • Cut out the second pair of doll jeans
  • Work on my quilt block for the store
  • Trace a coat pattern to cut out my February sewing  project/challenge to be hung in the store in mid March
  • Sort through the cottons and put together like projects for sewing
  • Work on the lobster fabric items. I may focus on cutting out all the pieces and sew them up rather than do one item at a time
The best laid plans can go down the tube in a hurry in our house.


I have spent my evening reading and napping. I do want to set up the second sock today so I can knit on it in the evening. I have been horrible about falling asleep in the evenings but the gloomy grey days have done it to me.


I am home and need to work in the basement. I have to find my therapy lamp and charge it up and then move on to sorting through the guest room items and get rid of what we don't need. It is time to let go of more stuff.
Until the next time...........................

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