Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Organization Begun

It is cold this morning, the coldest so far this winter. -24C or -11F. It is a long underwear kind of day. And hot soup will be nice. The weather person said it was to be cold before it warmed up but they didn't forecast it to be this cold.


Yesterday was a stressful day. Our friend arrived to paint and his son arrived later on. Too many people in the house working and talking so I retreated to the basement.
Our bedroom doors are painted and the guest room has been started. The white doors look amazing. They finish the rooms. We did talk about painting the small boxed area above the windows grey so the crown moulding will pop like in the rest of the room.
The son did some plug-ins and heat duct work in the kitchen layout. The kitchen may be usable today even if there are no cupboard doors on the new units. Who cares how it looks. I just want to use the sink and dishwasher.
The Spousal Unit shovelled snow yesterday morning. It was cold with the wind. He came in twice to warm up.
We talked to Daughter-in-Law and Grandson after lunch. Son flew out to Portugal for work and it snowed shortly after he left. She has been snow blowing and keeping the wood fires burning (literally). They have more snow than we do.
I worked on organizing the guest room items. It went really well with little being discarded. I also got the bedding for Grandson's bed put away. I am glad that is done and out of the way.


My big job was to find my therapy light in the sewing jungle. When I started to organize the quilting cottons, I found it under a pile of fabric destined for grocery bags.
I charged it and used it this morning. YES!!
I gathered up all the quilting cottons and folded them up. They were sorted into piles and then put into the sewing room closet.
I have a lot of Christmas fabric but I do have plans for it all which will include pillow cases for the beds for Christmas.  
After that job was done and I was satisfied, I started on a quilt block. A group of co-workers and I are doing a quilt for Canada's 150th birthday. My block is to represent Ontario.
I am using embroidery thread to outline and do some fill work on the block. The green and cream to the right will be used to embroider Ontario onto the block. Next is to fuse everything down onto the background.


I cast on the second sock three times and then knit 5 rows of ribbing. It is started so I can work on it daily.


We have to go shopping for a few things for the house and groceries. I have laundry to do and want to work on the quilt block. I go back to work tomorrow.
Until the next time..........................

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