Friday, January 13, 2017

Feeling Calmer

It is a tad warmer this morning at -22C or -8F. They say it snowing lightly and will start to warm up today. By Monday it is suppose to be near freezing. We will all say about time and then complain about the ice and wet roads.


One friend arrived to paint yesterday. He has all the doors in the bedroom part of the house done and will be ready to start in the front entry and living areas. The son was home sick with the cold/flu. He will be back on Monday.
Day 2 of using the light showed an improvement in my mood. I was more focused and didn't sleep at all in the evening. I will be using it all the time now that I have it in operation again.
With feeling better, I was able to focus, once again, on my eating habits. I have cut out snacks and have been loosing fluid but I will take the 6 pounds that have disappeared from my body. I am working on getting back to where I was before SAD and stress set in. I am finding that getting my SAD under control I am feeling less stressed about the renovations. Still hate the mess but I am not annealing over it. Focusing more on how to decorate so the house is can be cleaned easily and feel calm.


Nothing got done yesterday thought I did buy the iron on vinyl for the last lobster bib. I also got some extra for the dolls to have rain coats and to make a gift for Daughter-in-Law for next Christmas. I can use up some quilting cotton that is in a neutral shade and do some embroidery on it.


The second sock is going to be the death of me. The stitches are not forming properly and I think is it me or the yarn. I really am not sure but will keep on working on it hoping to improve my technique using an acrylic yarn.


I work the early shift and have to take the Spousal Unit up to the hospital for his monthly IV immune booster. I am home early but am not sure what I will do other than knit.
Until the next time.........................

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