Saturday, January 14, 2017

Rearing Its Ugly Head

It is a full 4C or 8F warmer this morning. It is -18C or 0F with a wind chill of -26C. Monday is suppose to be -1C or 31F. We will snoopy dance when it arrive.


My cold decided to rear its ugly head up in my chest this morning. Not what I wanted! I am cold and want to have hot drinks. My eyes are running, I'm coughing, and I feel like yuck.
The guys didn't show up for work today so I expect they are both having a recovery day. Being sick sucks.
The Spousal Unit had his IV immune booster therapy and got to look out a window for 4 hours. Though boring, it is helping him a lot.


Grandson is getting pyjamas for his birthday and I bought the flannel before January 1. I found a lovely grey knit fabric and a pattern for the top yesterday. Now to make them. I have ideas running through my head about setting up a spare kitchen table in the suite's kitchen and using it as a cutting table.

Reviewing my goal for the next bit:
  • Cut out the second pair of doll jeans
  • Work on my quilt block for the store
  • Trace a coat pattern to cut out my February sewing  project/challenge to be hung in the store in mid March
  • Sort through the cottons and put together like projects for sewing
  • Work on the lobster fabric items. I may focus on cutting out all the pieces and sew them up rather than do one item at a time.
  • Trace and cut out Grandson's pyjamas.
One project done, one project added.


Nothing done in that department as I felt tired due to the cold. I read a book instead.


I work and hope to finish the notion's order. I will rest tonight in hopes that my cold gets better.
Until the next time..................................

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