Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Road Trip

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day so we decided to.......

Do A Road Trip

It was impulsive and a lot of fun. The decision was to find a street we loved in Hansport, drive down it and look at the Minas Basin. We had driven this street last September while visiting and had looked at a house. We had also gone and looked at the Minas Basin. We had tried again on our own and couldn't find it. We were successful yesterday. 
We love the street with its old trees. It reminds one of something from the past. 
We stopped at the park and walked down to the ocean. The tide was in and it looked different than when were there the last time. The tide was out then. We looked at this area with a different lense than the last time. The basin was the attraction last time. This time it was the geography. 
Looking down the Minas Basin and wondering how far it was to Truro. A long ways - 50 miles. The part of the Minas Basin we were in is the South Bight and it turns into the Central Basin. Truro is in the Coquebid Bay section of the Basin. 
We were down by Windsor when taking our pictures. Hansport has a loading dock that is no longer used. It was being used in 2004 (and previous years) to load gypsum into large tankers. The tankers came in with the tide and had to be loaded to leave at high tide. 
High Tide May 28, 2018
We were there while the tide was coming in yesterday. Last time was during low tide. 
Low Tide (Sept 2017)
We enjoyed the spot and took pictures of some maple trees when going down the stairs to the sea shore. 
And after looking around from the bottom step we headed back up those stairs. 
In the park, we admired this old tree that is just coming into leaf. 
We drove home happy to have seen this spot again. 


I worked on the Edwardian Walking suit (Ramble) and fussed and fiddled with the pleats until I was happy. The yoke was sewn and added so Laura could try it on. 
I now need to cut out one sleeve and three cuffs and hope to have the jacket finished today. 
The Spousal Unit's shirt got its second pocket put on and one pocket flap cut out. I'm moving along on it quite slowly. 


I am almost finished the second sleeve and will soon be knitting the yoke of the sweater. I am hoping it will be done Thursday so I can add it to the Knit Along. It is turning out to be a good fit on the American Girl doll. 


We need to shop for groceries and then I need to sew on the doll's jacket. The skirt needs to be sewn tomorrow. Time is flying by as I want it finished Thursday afternoon. Being a perfectionist makes it hard to meet deadlines. And, I have 11 teeny tiny buttons to sew on. 
Until the next time..................

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