Monday, May 28, 2018

Shirt Progress

Our weather has been interesting. It has ranged from frost to rain to sunshine. We have been told it has been colder at night than usual. Not complaining as Newfoundland had at least 15" of snow fall. 


We have covered plants and put others into the garage for two nights in a row. Frost was seen yesterday morning but it was warmer this morning. We hope this is it for frost. 
We were out and about on Saturday morning to get a few things. We were lucky enough to see acres upon acres of apple trees blooming. It was busy with cars lined up due to the Apple Blossom Festival in New Minas. We got what we needed and headed home. Driving in New Minas is bad on a normal day let along when the traffic is heavy. 
Sunday was quiet for us. We did go and get a few items we needed but spent the day at home. 


I have been working slowly on the shirt. The yoke is done. 
With the way I sew the shoulder seams, you do not see the shoulder seam at all. It is hidden. I love this and always thank Ron Collins for showing me this professional trick. 
One thing I have to do is follow the darker lines on the yoke front. The pockets and flaps have to match. It took me a bit to see this and it came to light after I had pinned on the first pocket and saw it was on the wrong side. The first pocket is now on the right side of the shirt and stitched down. 
I'm not sure why this picture is so dark. 
As I was sewing yesterday, I looked around the room and I really need to paint the walls. I do not like how dark the paint is plus I really do not like the color. Once done, I will rearrange the room to have a doll's corner. 
A internet friend of mine made this cute doll clothes rack using brass fittings and wooden dowels. I have seen it made with PVC pipe without the shelf on the bottom. 
She has three Gotz dolls hence three of everything on the shelf. Really too cute. I will get one made and set up a doll's corner in the sewing room. A table with a backdrop, the clothes rack, props, and the dolls. 


I am knitting the Daisy Chain outfit again on larger needles for an American Girl doll. I have been asked to do it by someone who does not knit. The body is done and one sleeve is almost done. Knowing the pattern makes it go faster though I have had to unknit as I forgot buttonholes; thank goodness not many rows. 


I have one quick outing today and then I can sew. I am ready to put on the second pocket and then start on the Edwardian walking outfit. I also hear laundry calling me. that means several trips up and down the stairs. 
Until the next time..........................

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