Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Projects Near Completion

After several days of sunshine and warm weather, we had a good shower last night. Today will be sunny and warm. 


We were not going to do garden boxes this year but it happened in the end. The Spousal Unit found what he liked. 
We are now putting weed control cloth in the bottom of each one and filling them up with dirt. And plants and seeds have been purchased so the long weekend will be planting weekend. 
Yesterday we drove to New Minas to do a bit of garden shopping. On the way home, we saw what looks like apple trees in bloom. Spring is certainly here. 


I am almost done the shirt I have been working on. It has gone together quite well. 
I just have one sleeve to set in, the side seam to sew up, and the hem to do. Then I have to decide on if I will do button holes or snaps. Now that I have done one of these, I may make another one later on. What I learned:

  • Lace choice is very important. Though I like cluny lace a lot, I need to watch the edge that goes under the yoke. 
  • Serge seams early on. It is a pattern that can have the serging done early on.
  • Don't rush. I didn't and thought about each step and am glad I did as it looks professional on the inside. Except for the sleeve seams that I forgot to do. 
While sewing the Spousal Unit's shirt, I will be doing some doll sewing -- dresses that need to be figured out plus a summer sew along challenge. More on that later on. 


I finally got the bodice done on the Russian dress. Forty-seven rows done. I counted the stitches on 43 of those rows. 
I am setting it aside until I get a longer circular needle to do the skirt. It is done in the round. I will continue on with the needle I have but will have to change when it gets too crowded. 
I am going to knit a doll's sweater for Anna and Laura. It is Daisy Chains
My yarn choice is Kai in this variegated yarn. 
I will probably add the purse and a hat. I will need to get buttons on Friday so I have it ready to finish up by the end of the month. 


With the weather so nice, we will probably finish the dirt in the garden boxes. That way, we can start planting them and the flower tubs over the next week. I would love to finish the doll's blouse so I can start on the shirt and dresses. 
Until the next time............................

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