Sunday, May 13, 2018

A Busy Time

We are on day 3 of sunny weather. It has been about 18C and the humidity has been such that we don't really feel it. 


On Thursday we headed out to get plants so we could be busy on the weekend. It poured rain while we were out and about. Place #1 did not have annuals so we went onto place #2. We got what we needed for a few days. 
Friday was sunny and we worked at Son and Daughter-in-law's place. Under the flowering tree was our project. We dug a circle around the tree 48" from the trunk. It was edged, covered with weed cloth and mulched. It is designed to have daffodils and/or tulips planted around the edging. No pictures were taken. 
Yesterday, we had Grandson over for the afternoon. He got to make a hanging basket for Mother's Day. He helped the Spousal Unit and I make the garden boxes. His mind looked at this project like a big lego item. While we prepped the pieces, he played with a soccer ball and a tomato cage in the front yard. After he helped put the pieces together, they were packed to the back yard. There he did hurdles over the boxes. 
Craftsy has been having an unlimited weekend of their courses. You can watch classes for free. I decided to watch a beginner's class on using your digital camera. I learned a lot but became overwhelmed. I will buy the class when it comes on sale. I need the time to look at the different sections over and over again. 


I got to sew for 30 minutes yesterday. The side pieces are sewn to the back piece on Kate's shirt. Then top stitching and the back yoke. 
I did look for a piece of fabric with a larger print that I want to make a doll's dress out of. 
I do need to get some plain cotton for a matching hat. Also some ribbon. But that will come later. I have to do some beta sewing to make sure I have the pattern done correctly. I will use the left over fabric from the Spousal Unit's shirt to make the dresses. 


I am ready to start row 19 on the Russian dress. I will only be making one of these dresses unless it becomes a custom knit. Once I get onto the skirt, I will start on Daughter's socks. 
I have been talking to an lady who makes doll outfits for sale. I asked her if she made her little sweaters out of wool or acrylic. Acrylic she said unless it is a custom order. I will have to switch over. I do have about 4 balls of acrylic I can knit. My dolls will continue to wear wool. They have expensive taste. 


It is Mother's Day and I do hope to sew. I will also have to help move the garden boxes for mowing and then set them up in their proper places. That means spacing them, putting in weed cover, and adding some soil. 
Until the next time............................

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