Thursday, May 03, 2018

Landscaping Fun

With a couple of nice days behind us, we are having a cooler cloudy day. No rain though until tonight according to the weather forecast. 


With the nice weather, came outdoor work. We finished one flower bed at Son and Daughter-in-law's place. The Spousal Unit had cleaned it up prior to it raining and we went back the next nice day to put in the edging. Yesterday we laid the ground covering and mulch. 

Not cleaned up so it will look different when all the tools are put away. Next up, the other part of the front of the house. Next nice day. Though we are tuckered out after doing this bed, we are enjoying the job and its fun seeing how the yard is transforming under our hands. Mine were black from playing in the red and black mulch. LOL
I worked on our budget today and all is balanced. Started May's column. Happy with how we are doing. Next up is to do the bullet journal. 
I was to the doctor's this morning and the thyroid is a bit high but not enough to change the medication. We will see what summer brings as I need to have it done again at the end of July. Summer sometimes stabilizes my thyroid as the weather is usually sunny. We both think the dreary weather has me feeling tired and dumpy. 
I have been on my 60 day challenge for 5 days now and am doing better every day. I am eating well but need to track my food daily. I have decided that Thursday is treat day and it can only be one item. Self talk is helping me through the beginning stage of lifestyle change once again. 


Now that the budget is done and once the bullet journal is set up, I will sew again on the days we are home. 


The Russian dress is cast on but I was so tired last night I could not knit. Tonight I hope to knit a few rows on it. I may have to run out to a wool shop at Gaspreau River to get a longer needle if I need to go up a size. Fingers crossed they have the Karbonz needles I love. 


I have cleaned up from doing the budget and now need to go get my prescription. I have a bit of shopping to do and then home to make supper. Maybe, just maybe, it will be BBQ pork chops. 
Until the next time.........................

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