Thursday, May 04, 2017

DeCluttering Morning

This morning I chose to declutter before going to work. It has been on my mind a lot lately, especially the items I needed to get out of the house.
I got two boxes from work to put items into and put them in the basement with another one I had gotten earlier. I can get these boxes every two weeks. They are a perfect size and have handles for lifting them in and out of the vehicle.
I loaded those boxes quickly and effortlessly. The Spousal Unit loaded them into the vehicle as soon as I was done. We took them to the thrift shop and was back home in half an hour. Excellent timing on our part or maybe it was good luck.
I did a run through all our patterns and I got rid of 10 - 15 patterns and threw out one. I still have too many patterns for my liking but I will whittle away at them over the summer. I know I have to replace on pattern that I ruined and can get it on sale.
Truthfully, I would love to have a cube storage unit for patterns and sewing books. It would look so much neater than what I am doing. For now they are sorted and off the floor.
I have some quilting patterns, some patterns for Grandson, and a few purse/bag patterns in the above pile. I will be making some of those patterns out of the quilting cottons in the stash. I don't need to buy batting as I have enough for the bags I want plus a few other items I have to get quilted. I will spray it with an adhesive and iron onto the fabric for a permanent bond. 
I also sorted out more of my embroidery floss. I kept one piece to make -- Anne of Green Gables alphabet I bought in 1992 when we visited P.E.I.
I also kept the floss and cloth to stitch this out. I need to buy 2 skeins of floss and I can work on it when I feel like it.
And when put away it looks like this.
The floss in the red container is rayon and a good 50 years old. I am keeping it for the dolls. I am giving away 2 shoe boxes full of thread all neatly put into envelopes, labeled and put in numerical order. It feels good to let it all go as I won't be doing a lot of cross stitch or smocking. I am keeping my smocking pleater as it is expensive and I may use it after I am done working.
With that done, I am having lunch and heading to work feeling a lot better for having done more work in the basement. Hopefully I can do more tomorrow.

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