Monday, May 22, 2017

Adding the Peplum

Yesterday was hot with a high of almost 30C or 85F. It is amazing how we can be cool one day and hot the next. This is how it is in our area. We are suppose to be about 33C or 91F today.


With the heat comes watering all the plants and the lawn. The Spousal Unit is diligent about that watering by hand every day and with the sprinkler on odd days. The plants are doing well with his diligence.
With the heat, we have been running the a/c for a couple of hours late in the afternoon. It is certainly nice to have it when the weather is this warm. At night we keep all the windows open and then close the up during the day. It does keep the house cool for a long time.


I spent a lot of time sewing on the dress yesterday. Once the side seams were sewn, I hand stitched the trim down so it would lie flat. The work began on the peplum.
The peplum has three layers; satin, netting and lining. When turned, I rolled it to a sharp edge and hand basted it down prior to pressing it. It was then gathered and hand basted on to the bodice.
The skirt has been cut out of the satin and the lining fabric and the pattern is pinned onto the overlay. The satin skirt is sewn and the overlay needs to be done next. The dress calls for an attached crinoline and I have thought long and hard about it. I have finally decided to attach it to the lining. That way it will be hidden between the skirt and the lining.


I have to do a bit of laundry, shop, and clean up some of the house. Then I can sew on the doll's dress. It won't be finished today but it certainly will be a dress by tonight.
Until the next time........................

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