Thursday, May 11, 2017

Trying the Bullet Journal Again

Our daily highs and lows are now in the normal range for this time of the year. We are still having some showers and will likely have a good thunderstorm tonight. With that comes cooler temperatures.


Elliott was to the vet on Tuesday and has lost around 3 pounds since we started him on his diet. He is so much more active than he was. He also got a bit of worming medicine which put him under the weather for 24 hours. Other than that we continue on with his regime to loose a couple of more pounds.
The Spousal Unit has been busy planting our small garden plot, mowing the lawns, and being outside. He is so much healthier than he was a year ago and has become quite active this spring.
I just finished 5 days at work and am slowly getting ready for inventory. I am doing a pre-inventory count as I have to put in big after inventory orders plus one more small order of items we need to get through inventory by months end. I have also helped people with some interesting projects which included two formal gowns and one costume. I do love helping with those projects. They set my creative juices flowing.


Using a wonderful 50% coupon for notions, I bought the following items for future reference.
I am getting fabric and some cut notions on Saturday with a Mother's Day coupon.
Prior to going to work, I did a Bullet Journal. With working, it has become a thing of the past that keeps niggling in my head. I know I did it too complicated and am trying to get my head wrapped around on how I can keep track of my days at work and my sewing projects. Right now I am liking Sewing Bullet Journal by The Fold Line. It is simple, has some pages I can paste into the journal, and allows me some flexibility without going overboard. I need to think this through carefully so it won't be a burden in my life and I let it die.


We have the accountants coming and I have a ton of printing to do. This appointment was done while I was working and not able to get at the paperwork. I will, I say, I will get some stuff done for me this afternoon.
Until the next time.................................

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