Friday, May 26, 2017

McCalls 6981 Doll's Dress Done

We had 2 days of summer and then it cooled down and rained for 2 days. Today is suppose to the start of our next hot spell with temperatures in the low 30C or 90F. We could see this spell last for a long time or just a week. Who knows this year.


I bought and the Spousal Unit planted three large hosta plants in the back yard's shady spot. They will fill in an empty corner. We need a load of crushed gravel but that can come in the fall or next year. We can clean and tidy up around in that area on cooler days.
I am nearly ready to finish cleaning the basement. There isn't a lot to do but there are items that need to be brought upstairs and the rest needs to be sorted and dealt with. I need the old kitchen table set up so I can sew in the basement on hot days.
We are starting to move into inventory and I would love to start coding to get a bit of a head start. We have a meeting on Monday and then a staff meeting the following week.


I got the lining and the crinoline sewn together yesterday and put it into the dress.
At this point, I could pin on the trim at the neckline and start the mile of hand sewing. The lining was prick stitched down at the zipper and then the trim at the neckline. Lastly, I prick stitched the lining to the dress at the arm openings. That job took well over an hour to do. Tiny spaces take about the same amount of time to prick stitch down as a regular sized garment.
The skirt isn't as puffy as I would like. The bridal netting is too soft for a crinoline but we had no white tulle. If and when I make this dress again, I would:
  • Fit the bodice a little more tightly for this doll.
  • When gathering, put in three rows of gathering at the waist (1/8, 3/8, & 5/8").
  • Not put on the peplum.
  • Add the zipper and lining again as it makes the dress so nice to put on the doll.
  • Put boning around the bottom of the skirt lining (in the hem) and omit the crinoline.
Overall, I am happy with the gown and how it turned out. Next is the veil and the bouquet.


I work the late shift so I am hoping that I will get the veil done and on the doll. I will try to do the bouquet but will have to wait and see if I can get it done. I think it is going to be labour intensive.
Until the next time.........................

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