Sunday, April 30, 2017

A Great Phone Call

It was cool this morning!! 1C or 34F at 6 am. All I can say is WOW. By 7 a.m. it was 4C or 39F. Yesterday looked like a beautiful day until the clouds rolled in and it rained. The temperature dropped considerably and it was dull and damp after that.


I am off work today, the first Sunday in many, many months (unless it is a statutory holiday). It feels strange but I had best get use to it as I get every other Sunday off.
We spent the morning getting groceries and then did shopping for the garden. Mulch and most of the plants are bought. Happy to have found what we wanted. Just need to buy the seed potatoes and we are done. Even have a pot of chili on and it is before noon.
My cold is getting better and I am almost over it. I still feel weak from the fever I had over several days but I am on the uphill to being 100% again. Or I hope I am.
The Spousal Unit got a call from the oncologist and he doesn't have to have the next 6 month round of IV immune therapy. He is one excited man. It was a year ago that he was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. It has been a long road to recovery but he is feeling stronger every day and that is all we need to have. 


I need to get sewing more so I buy less. I made the doll's hobo bag and I forgot to clip the curved seams. A bit of pull showing up.
I found the D rings and slider in the right size and will get them next week.
I decided to buy some black out draper fabric to make curtains for our bedroom and the sewing room for summer. Those rooms get a lot of sun as they are on the south side of the house.
I got a total of 5.4 meters for $13.50 - yes $2.50/m. They don't need to be beautiful, they need to be functional. I also slipped in these fabrics.
I am going to make a new style of shopping bag.
It has a flower button but I will use a large colourful button instead. Found in this book.
I also slipped in the light fabric to make two more for gifts.
And to round out the purchase, I got this for the dolls.
A dress I think. I loved it when a lady put it on the table. I see navy blue ribbon and a necklace with navy blue in it.


The heel flap is started on the first sock and there is 19 more rows to go. I am reading Ann Budd's book on each step of the way. Wish I had the book when I started the socks but I will be using them when I knit the next pair of socks. I learn so much every time I read a new knitting book.


This afternoon I am doing more cleaning up in the basement. I hope to get more stuff put away and get closer to having the basement cleaned up.
Until the next time.........................

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