Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Finishing the Future Log

Time to finish the Future Log. Sorry it has been a few days but I was working and didn't have time to do the tutorial.
When we left, the Future Log looked like this.
Now it is time to build the calendars. The days of the week are done with two lines held in one dot from each side. The first line is on row three and the second line one below.
Do this for each calendar box so your have a spread that looks like this.
When I put in the days of the week, I started with Sunday. It is how we start our week at work and it fits in well with my thinking. I used the .01 micron tip pen for all my printing. I added a little dot to each end of the lines.
I did the full page before I started the calendars. I also put in the month. You can see I made a spelling error on July as I was thinking June.

Next I did the dates for each month. One thing I do find difficult is seeing the dots that make up the grids on the page. They are faint.
I added birthdays to the future log. I have one more to add.
I will add days off when the schedule is done so I can see at a glance when I can sew and blog.
Next up is to do a key and I am looking at ideas for it. How much do I need on that page is what I am looking at right now.
Take a break until we do the Key. Until the next time...........

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