Sunday, May 07, 2017

A Red and White Doll's Outfit

After several mornings of double digits temperature, we finally had a cooler one at 4C or 39F. The sky is clear and it could be a warm one.


With the warm weather we had, the snow at the higher elevation started to melt quickly. Everywhere is seeing the results with flooding. People are being evacuated from their homes. One person we know is missing in the community we lived in and another person is missing in a community east of us. With yesterday and last night cooler, there is probably less water running in the creeks but it will be bad again today.
We were asked yesterday if we wanted to rent our basement suite out and we are not sure. I said we would contact the person and let him know. We both want to have the space to ourselves but who knows what our decision will be.
The Spousal Unit has been working in the yard and will be finished the mulch today. We looked at his rose bushes and feel we may have to replace them all. Such a shame as he takes such good care of them. We have 3 other plants to replace in the front of the house.


I have to sew as I now have four doll outfits to make. The latest one is for July 1 in a red and white theme. We did justice on it yesterday while looking at red and white fabric.
I am going to make the dress in a red and white stripe.
We chose the trim as it is so Canadian. The Velcro is one sided and very soft and supple. I am getting more of it in white and black for the dolls.
I don't think I have enough for the scarf which is fine as it is the dress we want to show case. I think I will have to make a crinoline for under the dress though. 
At the moment, she will wear white sandals.


I am at work and will probably get nothing done around the house this evening.
Until the next time............................

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