Wednesday, May 17, 2017

McCall's 6981 - Doll's Bodice

We have had our fair share of rain once again. Today, the sun is shining but there are big clouds forming along the hills and mountains meaning we could have showers.


After being so busy at work, I finally am getting some days off. I have two off, two on, and two off so I am hoping to get some rest and do a few things.
The Spousal Unit has most of the garden in and now needs to buy roses to replace the ones that died over the winter. He also wants to mow the lawns before it rains again. Hopefully this afternoon.


While doing laundry, I decided to trace and cut out the bodice of the doll's wedding dress.
McCalls 6981
I did it in stages with cutting out the satin pieces first and doing the tailor tacks.
Then I had to zoom into the picture to see what was happening with the bodice. I then cut out the overlay for the bodice and started working on it. Pinning came first.
Then basting the center front and two side pieces.
And the back pieces got the same treatment.
The center front and back pieces overlay has stitching with pearls in it. The front side pieces has stitching but no pearls.
I then pinned the center front to one side piece matching the edges carefully. I sewed from the dot on the side piece down using silk thread. (Okay, I am crazy but I needed to try out the thread.)
Once the shoulder seams were sewn together, I pinned the top together for a fitting. A 3/8" seam is needed on the side seam at the waist going up to 1/4" under the arm.
Next up is the lining which I will start on this afternoon. I am enjoying the process of doing a high end doll dress.
Until tomorrow...............................

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