Friday, May 12, 2017

Anthology Bag In Red and White

When they forecasted "rain" for yesterday, we got rain. They say 9.4 mm or 4/10" but we think more in our area. There was water everywhere. Today is clear and sunny but we could have showers.


As this year is Canada's 150th year since Confederation, we are seeing a lot of red and white in our community. I have been admiring the thousands of red and white tulips that are in full bloom throughout the city. It has me wondering what will be planted in those areas for the summer.
The accountant has come and gone and we learned a few things our previous fellow should have told us. We did claim the basement apartment but we will probably close it down next year. During the get ready time, we got the filing system done and I can now store papers for the next year. All is okay and we move forward for another year.
No other work got done in the basement but that was expected. I need to work on it so I can sew my projects. Today's job.


I scooted over to the store last night to pick up another project. I am making the Anthology Bag in red and white.
The pattern was on the staffroom table some months ago and I made a copy as it was free. I can find the picture of the bag (above) but not the free pattern as it was released to match the fabric in 2009. My fabric choice for this bag is for the Canada Day celebration in the store.
The large part of the body will be the maple leaves, next the stripes and bottom, lining, and handles in the red. I will tutorial it as I cut and sew it. It will be showcased beside a dress made out of the maple leaf fabric. I will be laying out the three projects on the cutting table and getting busy.

Bullet Journal

I have been reading about how people do their bullet journals for sewing/crafts. There are about as many as there are people. Some are gorgeous and others are minimal. I am gleaning ideas from them all. Today I will be buying my supplies.
  • Journal for 6 months only (June to December)
  • Pens - fine nib ones that I will report on later
  • Post-Its for tabs and markings
  • Washi tape, if I can find it.
  • 6" ruler
I am ready to jump in and one thing I read is just do it. I am hoping that I can work on this in the evenings. Will let you know how I am doing as I relook at videos and write and sketch my ideas for the first few pages.


I am shopping and cleaning up the basement so I can set up my cutting table. I need to push to get that area cleaned and the floors washed as I am almost there. Until the next time......................

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