Friday, April 28, 2017

A Tiny Hobo Purse

It was cooler yesterday with some rain. Enough to make Elliott hide his eyes from it all.


Elliott and I were looking out the living room window at the rain early in the morning and we saw a male and female mallard duck waddling across our lawn eating grass. They flew away when the Spousal Unit rattled the gate to get the newspaper. This morning he is watching the crows on the neighbour's lawn.
After a busy morning of shopping for groceries, having my hair cut and putting a few more items away, I sat in my chair to knit. I fell asleep until it was time to Skype with our family in Nova Scotia. It told me how much the cold drained me. I also know the fever was fairly high as the skin on my lips blistered and peeled off. I am feeling much better today even though there is still some congestion.


When shopping, I am always looking for ideas for the dolls. Yesterday, as I walked through the jewellery making items, I discovered this for a south western belt.
The textures are fabulous to go with an outfit I have planned.
I know there will be some left over pieces and I hope to be able to use them in a necklace.
I decided to cut out a hobo purse for the dolls. I used left over scraps from the grey/off white sable suede infinity scarf. The handle will be in grey but the purse is reversible.
I am ready to sew in the darts to give the purse shape. I am really hoping to find 1/2" D rings and a 3/4" slider so I can attach the handle to the purse.
I have decided to set up a wooden kitchen table in the downstairs living room and sew down there when it turns hot. I will have to haul down the iron and ironing board but I am okay with that. I am going to bring home a piece of black out curtain material to hang on the sewing room window. It won't be fancy but it will help keep the room dark and cooler during the summer months. I may have to do our room also.


After a long break, I picked up the socks I started on January 1 and now have both legs knit. I am also reading Ann Budd's book "Starting to Knit Socks" and am learning a lot from her. Between what I know from Lucy Neatsby and, now, Ann Budd, I am hoping to knit nicer socks. I do enjoy learning new techniques.


I am working the 1 to 9 p.m. shift and am hoping that I won't have to push myself too hard. I have to be in early on Saturday and do books and then have Sunday off.
Until the next time.........................

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