Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Minature Gardens - A Western Theme

The weather is being difficult to predict. Yesterday it was near 0C and today it is 8C or 46F. Sunshine, wind, and rain are the normal here and we can get it all in one day. The hills still get snow squalls; the latest was day before yesterday.


I was off work yesterday and we went on the hunt for doors and track for the Spousal Unit's shop. While he was finding everything I found these miniature fairy garden items.
There are more pieces for the this collection and I am going on Friday to pick up two or three more items. I now have the gnome home (the biggest), the campground, the secret garden and the wild west (western theme). I love them all though I would take the western one if I could only move one.
I spent a bit of time cleaning up the basement apartment. The front entrance and closet are ready to have the floor washed. The closet will be  used to store puzzles and suit cases. The largest bedroom is getting cleaned out now and I hope to be able to clean it up in the next couple of weeks. It may become the guest room.


I cut out the adult apron and it is ready to sew. There is enough fabric left to make a dress of some sort for the dolls. I will work on it on Friday.
I also cleaned up the stash closet and put a few more pieces away. I need to buy another tub for the doll's stash. I have picked up several pieces of fabric at good deals and was gifted several more pieces. The doll's patterns are organized and I can start putting them in their holding spot.
While shopping I spotted this dress and am going to make it for the dolls.
The under part of the dress seems to be rayon with the lace overlay on the top and a tulle overlay on the skirt.
I think it will be a good dress for the dolls to wear. I will admit this dress was horribly made but the idea was good.  


I am back to work for two days. Thursday I work from 1 to 9 p.m. which I am not looking forward to. But it has to happen and I will live with it.
Until the next time..................................

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