Saturday, April 22, 2017

Doll Shoes

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day. The sun shone and the high got to 18C or 64F. The fruit trees are starting to bloom and the trees are showing green. This morning, it is cloudy once again with chances of showers.


I had yesterday off and it was needed. I had spent three days pulling, pushing, and rolling about 1000 rolls of drapery fabric as I did price change. I stood to do the first three rows in each bunk and then had to sit on the cement floor for the bottom two rows. I was beyond sore and stiff when I finished each day. But the job is done and I can do other things like ordering.
My day off was busy. We shopped, did laundry, and hauled all the pop cans to the return depot. We had lunch out which was fun.
With the sun and warmth, we wandered in our yard pulling dead leaves and stalks from the lilies, looking for new growth on other plants, and talking about the jobs we need to do this year. It was a glorious hour outside and it certainly perked us up.


I spent an hour in the basement cleaning up some more sewing stuff. I sorted through the quilt batting throwing out the small pieces I won't use. I have enough batting to finish up some projects and then I will buy it as I need it.
I opened up some more boxes and about 50% of the fabric went to the give away pile. The other pieces I will use.
  • Yellow cotton eyelet for doll's outfits. I am thinking dresses with a few tops to go with coloured jeans or capris. I am thinking part of a wardrobe to go to a music festival weekend.
  • Cream shantung satin for party dresses and Edwardian outfits. For the party dresses, I can add bright coloured ribbons and lace.
  • Rust, cream, brown, and black cotton that has a southwestern look to it for a skirt. I see a rust or cream coloured t-shirt with it.
I have one box of knit fabrics to find and then it will be sorting out and putting away all the loose items. If I keep on it on my days off, I hope to be done soon.
The mail person arrived with a package for me. It was the doll shoes I had ordered. The two pairs of boots tickled me to death.
These boots are really cute. I had to figure out what I wanted to sew to go with them.
I am going purple. Purple jacket and pants with darker green mitts. The top will be lilac. The Spousal Unit said he would make a doll sled. It will be "Sledding At Sun Peaks".
These boots are way too much fun also. I am thinking an after ski outfit of a short skirt, jacket and cute top. I'd love to trim it up with some white fur on the jacket. I could also make a dress and coat for uptown wear. I could add an infinity scarf and mitts.
The remaining were white shoes and one pair of 1800's brown boots for an outfit I want to make.


I am at work and hope to get the books and some ordering done.
Until the next time...........................

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